The human mind absorbs the most by the time an individual heads to kindergarten. This clearly means that kids ought to learn what they need to gain that intellectual head-start.

In this article, Happy Cubs explains some of those key skills which you have to teach your little ones while attending playschool:

  1. Emotional awareness: Kids have to be trained at identifying different types of emotions by the time they turn 4. This can be achieved by making them observe their environment or any fictional characters they come across in a movie or book.
  2. Problem solving: Teaching kids the art of problem solving at this tender age is vital as it helps them tackle scenarios in the years to come. While showing a kid where they went wrong is conventional, it’s much better to actually show kids the different ways of solving the problem.
  3. Anger control: It’s important to teach kids at this age to control their anger. While feeling upset is natural and hard to pretend, kids should be taught not to hurt the people or cause damage to the environment around them. Simple tricks such as counting to four and many more can be taught to kids at this age.
  4. Discipline: Probably the most essential among these skills. Teaching kids different aspects such as table manners, behaviour at another house, and in public places is important. One of those efficient ways to go about this is to make them understand the benefits of being disciplined and the advantages of making good impressions among people.
  5. People skills: Teach your kids how to make friends and the benefits of having them in life. This can start with the basic ways to greet and engage in friendly discussions. Kids who make friends at this tender age end up being extremely happy.

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