Parenting Resolutions For 2018: A Happy Cubs Study

So what resolutions have you made as a parent for 2018? If you haven’t then you should because your kids’ growth and happiness this year will be a result of how well you (duh!) go about being a parent. If you’ve already made your resolutions, here’s a list for you to crosscheck with:

  1. Focus on what their interests are. Identify them and provide the avenues to keep them happy and occupied.
  2. Academics are important but overstressing on academic performance and constantly giving them lessons on its importance in life is taboo! Burdening them with talk about this aspect puts them under unnecessary pressure.
  3. Develop a rapport with their teachers. Nobody recognizes your kids’ strengths better than their teachers since they spend hours with them at playschool. Moreover, teachers have a lot to say. It’s better if you pay close attention to them during those meets.
  4. Family trips are important since it gives your kids the necessary break from the routine stuff. Plan a trip during holiday seasons. This will also fill up that family album with memories that last a lifetime.
  5. Find hobbies that play a critical role in their development. Hobbies such as reading and sports, for example, work wonders on their confidence and develop skills that take them a long way in their lives.
  6. Habits. Habits. Early to bed, early to rise, brushing teeth twice etc. are a must if you want your kids to be hale and hearty.
  7. Keep a close note of their emotions. Keep drawing patterns in their behaviour every now and then to ensure things are normal. If you find anything unusual, ensure that you find the cause and eliminate it before it takes a toll on them.
  8. Finally… love and treat them so that they love each day and look back on this year as one to remember!

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