Your tenacious tiny tots are feisty, curious, and always ready to read those tender nuances in any environment. At Happy Cubs, we identify these little traits and offer a set of learning programs that help your children learn the things which they need the most!

Basic motor skills: Working with their fingers and hands is where it all begins and we present a set of activities that help develop these basic motor skills in your little kids.

Higher physical skills: Running, walking, and hand-eye coordination are equally important to kindle the feisty best in your little ones. At Happy Cubs, we focus on developing these skills to a T.

Emotional Development: When it comes to your tiny tots it’s simply emotions galore. We help your children recognize multiple kinds of emotions from happiness to irritation to anger and more.

Social Development: Learning to interact with others and responding to various forms of action are very important for your kids. At Happy Cubs, we engage your little munchkins in multiple activities involving other kids at our preschool which helps foster interaction and coordination.

Cognitive Development: Spiking your toddlers’ curiosity at their tender age as it helps them identify, absorb, and grow in their environment. Our ideal child-to-teacher ratio backed by our faculty’s experience in handling kids helps build a bond that lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, your kids will enjoy the process of learning thus setting the stage for greater things to come.


Geetanjali Pandey (Mother of Dhruv):

What a place! Happy Cubs is more than just your average preschool. After sending my boy to this school he has become much more active, inquisitive, and simply delightful.”

Venkat Nandagiri (Father of Shruthi):

“My little girl is a mini maestro after spending time at Happy Cubs. She lights up our home everyday with the things she learns and loves at this school.”

Lily Susan (Mother of Maria):

“I couldn’t have asked for more. At first, I felt it was a good preschool for my little princess but then I realized that she is a budding athlete. She just loves the physical activities and other learning programs. ”

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