Making time for breakfast: How it’s done

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve probably heard this statement more than you can imagine but it’s important to constantly tell yourself when raising your little ones. On many occasions, you find it hard to make your tiny tots help themselves to a healthy bowl of cereal during chaotic mornings courtesy time lost in waking them up, getting them dressed for school, and getting yourself ready for a day of work.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your kids stay well-nourished by eating breakfast regularly:

  1. Fill your kitchen with healthy and easy breakfast options such as beans, cereal, bread etc.
  2. Ensure that you wake up 30-40 minutes in advance to have time for preparing a healthy breakfast for your tots.
  3. See to that your tots avoid TV and toys while getting ready for school.
  4. Prepare a menu, one week ahead, so you can just start preparing breakfast instead of losing your mind over options.
  5. If running late, prepare a backup option of food which your tots can eat while on the way to school.
  6. Ready yourself for a peaceful morning by prepping your kids’ clothes, backpacks etc. the night before.
  7. Keep ingredients such as seasonings, salt, fruits, and vegetables ready the night before.
  8. Ensure that your kids wake up well in advance to have time to eat breakfast in peace.

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