Kids at the preschool not just have their superheroes but also their boogeymen who trouble them when they go to sleep. Sounds funny, right? Jog your memory back to the time when you, as a parent, were a child and you know we’re not joking. Helping your kids battle these boogeymen whom they fear can be done very easily but first, you need to muster all the patience you can imagine. Here are some of the ways you can help your kids fight his fears while helping them to draw the line between what’s real and what’s not:

  1. Realize your child’s fears: Rather than dismissing their fears as mere fantasies, it’s important to stay by your kids and help them see if there’s anything that’s troubling them.
  2. Be the hero for your kids: To give your kids the confidence to face their fears or beasts that trouble them, you need to stand up in front of them as one who’s totally fearless.
  3. Keep tabs on your kids’ habits: Most of the things that kids fear at this tender age appear in TV shows, books, and even stories shared by their fellow tots. It’s important to understand the source of all these fears to help eliminate them.
  4. Avoid dark rooms for them: When your kids are going to bed, ensure that there’s a dim yet pleasant lighting in the room. You can also choose fancy lamps which have cut-out shapes of stars to make them feel comfortable.
  5. Expose them to positive examples: Showing your kids films and reading stories to them where beasts make great friends with characters is a healthy way of helping them fight their fears. It shows them that not all beasts, monsters, or creatures are scary and can be adored.
  6. Give them a sleeping buddy: You must have seen tots and toddlers in film sleeping with a superhero doll. It’s not just happenstance and there’s a science behind it. Kids love their superheroes and feel comfortable when they know that they have them for company to get through the ‘dark of the night’.

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