Finding a fun-driven day care is a growing concern among parents who want the best for their tiny tots. At Happy Cubs, we answer the shout-out to this concern with our day care program which ensures that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Apart from looking after your kids with that quintessential zest, our curriculum includes a list of activities which kindles creativity, develops skills, and creates a thirst for learning.

By enrolling your kids into our day care program, they won’t just be happy and full of life. You can expect them to read and understand their environment better than others at their age. You can see them read, dance, play, and show hobbies that set them on the path for amazing development. You will also see them make the most out of motor skills which are fostered in them through our activities.


Meera Reddy (Mother of Aayush):

Placing my little one in the hands of the team at Happy Cubs is probably the best decision I’ve made. I see him do things which most kids of his age don’t and it’s simply a joy to see him go about it.”

Naveena Lavangam (Mother of Nitya):

“I was always concerned about finding a good day care till I ran into Happy Cubs. Apart from looking after my girl, their programs helped her learn music, dance, and even introduced her to Looney Tunes!”

Afreen Iqbal (Mother of Faizan):

“Not just a day care, but a second home for my cute little son. He just loves going to Happy Cubs and learns a new thing every day. I would recommend Happy Cubs to all parents who want the best for their children.”

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