Being a pre-primary teacher is as tough as it gets. Apart from the toil involved in running around tiny tots and teaching them the things they need to know, teachers at the pre-primary level need to constantly hear tantrums from not just kids but parents as well. Training isn’t all it takes to be a great pre-primary teacher as there are a set of qualities that define the art. In this article, Happy Cubs lists some of those important qualities:

  1. Belief: Great teachers at the pre-primary level do not consider their roles as jobs that help run a house but ones that play a significant role in a child’s development. They are passionate, driven, and are constantly involved in all matter related to a child’s development.
  2. Kindness: Your tiny tots, no matter how different, are drawn by one factor… love. Great teachers at this level are ones who believe in taking utmost care of kids and look after their needs when given the responsibility.
  3. Patience: A pre-primary teacher who is patient and ready to hear all those tantrums from kids and parents is the one with extreme levels of patience which are also important for the task.
  4. Creative: Great teachers at this level just know how to get the task completed no matter how easy or difficult. When out of options, they are creative enough to come up with new ways to get things done.
  5. Realism: Teachers who crack the whip at this level aren’t the ones who last long in the profession. The ones who truly shape the lives of children at this level are those who are realistic when it comes to teaching, training, and looking after them.
  6. High on cleanliness: Training kids at this age in health and hygiene is priority number one and teachers who follow high standards of cleanliness are the ones who truly stand out.
  7. Organized: Great teachers at this level are always ready with their assessments of all the children under them. They possess a surprising level of attention to detail and can paint a clear picture of children irrespective of how big the group is.
  8. Transparency: Clear channels of communication are of high importance at this level and great teachers at this level constantly communicate with parents about how well their children are doing.

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