Parents tend to lose their composure when they realize that their kids are too shy. Many of them don’t understand that being shy isn’t a problem, it’s just a way of being. Kids, at this tender age, find it hard to absorb what is around them and need your support all the way through. This support doesn’t have to be the proactive kind always. There’s a way to go about it. In this article, Happy Cubs explains ways to deal with a shy kid.

  1. Give them time: Kids at this age need time to understand their surroundings, observe, and realize who are what they are dealing with. If you don’t give them the time they need, then it may lead to consequences which are avoidable.
  2. Be that shoulder: Making your kid feel at home can be done in many ways. For a kid at this age, it’s important to receive all the mental comfort he/she needs. Keep a watch on your kids, see to that they get what they want, and make them happy in every way possible.
  3. Build their self-esteem: It’s important to make your kids feel special about themselves. Keep reminding them about what they are good at. Pep them up with facts about the great things they do etc. This goes a long way in boosting their self-esteem.
  4. Help them interact: Keep taking your kids to birthday parties and other occasions where kids of their age are present. Introduce them to their classmates and neighbours. Invite them home and you will notice that your kids find no problem in getting along.
  5. Do not compare: Drawng comparisons with kids of their age will only make them feel negative about themselves. This is the worst thing that you as a parent could do. Avoiding comparisons is a must since it literally shatters their confidence.

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