Summer vacation’s drawing to a close and it’s “back to school” time for kids. It’s not easy being in kids’ shoes since they just want the break to go on and give school a pass but how is their growth possible without learning at the right time? Parents tend to lose sleep over this and constantly try to think about methods and ideas to get their kids to love school.

Well, if you’re a concerned parent then you can wave those problems goodbye because in this article, Happy Cubs presents the most important methods to make your kids love and yearn for school.

The onus, though, is on you. Wondering why? Let’s find out:

  1. Lead by example: When you read voraciously or impart the values of being an adult in front of your kids, you automatically kindle a spark in your kids to learn and grow.
  2. The importance of respect: Sure you admired and detested some of your teachers at school but you still found a way to respect them and establish a rapport. The same needs to be taught to your kids along with the long term benefits associated with the concept.
  3. Encourage hobbies and interests: Fun and learning doesn’t stop with school as there are plenty of activities which your kids can indulge themselves in. Hobbies and interests ought to be encouraged not just because they give your kids a break from monotony but help kindle skills and capabilities which will take them a long way forward.
  4. Give them their breathing space: Further to the hobbies and interests factor, it’s important to not overburden your kids with activities. Simply speaking, their sleep shouldn’t be the only break they get. This is because at their tender age, psychological and physical exhaustion can lead to unnecessary burnouts.
  5. Make them happy at home: Your kids should yearn to come back home rather than dreading the idea. When their home environment is hunky-dory, they’re pushed to look forward to the next day, which involves time at school.
  6. Values of friendships: Keep inviting your kids’ classmates home for timeouts and fun-filled activities, make them love the idea of having fun with people at their age, and most importantly teach them the values of friendships in life.
  7. Homework: Academics, despite being secondary to a child’s personal development, are a defining factor in his/her life. Instead of making a big deal about topping class, it’s simpler and logical to set a homework time for your child so he/she can have fun after.

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