Kids having bedtime trouble isn’t a new thing and it can get troublesome for concerned parents since their little ones aren’t getting their share of rest. Here are a few hacks to help your kids relish a blissful sleep:

  1. Make bedtime a must: Kids should be taught about the importance of bedtime and should be made to refrain from watching TV, playing games, and more at least 30 minutes before their designated sleeping time. These 30 minutes could be used to cultivate excellent habits like brushing teeth etc.
  2. Silence is bliss: You should avoid movies, music, and any other activities which create a loud environment. This makes it hard for your little ones to go to sleep.
  3. Teddy to the rescue: Kids love their toys and imaginary friends. Giving your little ones a soft toy to go to bed with ensures they sleep tight since it makes them feel comfortable.
  4. Mid-night tantrum control: Kids have a tendency to snap out of bad dreams late in the night and are left shaken. In times like these, it’s important to be by their side and make them feel safe.
  5. Bedtime conditioning: Sometimes it takes a while to put your little ones to sleep. In these cases, you could read your little one a bedtime story, play soft ambient music etc. to condition their tender minds to sleep.
  6. Make it a habit: Bedtime is all about routine. A break in this routine can distract your kid from the importance of going to bed early. Ensuring that your tiny tot hits the cot on time every day is extremely important.

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