About Us

About Us

Happy Cubs American Montessori Preschool was envisioned and founded with the single aim of making education an enjoyable and stimulating process, unlike the existing education system which bores and strains children. With an enriching experience in early child education in the US, we are now in India to create a community of happy children who will fall in love with learning and be equipped with skills that are necessary to live a good life.


Did you know that decades of research have shown that the environment of a child’s early years can have effects that last a lifetime? Numerous studies have shown how crucial the years between 2 and 6 years are for shaping the neurological structure of the brain.


In spite of knowing the importance of the initial years in education, why would anybody want their child to be a product of the same teaching methodology we all criticized? Outdated teaching methodologies force-feed too many things into a child’s clean mind, pushing them to memorize concepts rather than encouraging them to understand concepts logically.


Our Montessori integrated curriculum allows children to learn in a natural way, by touching and feeling objects. It is a well-known fact that when we touch and feel something, the human mind remembers them better than something that is just listened to.

Just Google up “the benefits of the Montessori teaching” or “experiential learning” or ask your best friends or even easier, reach out to us.

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