Lying isn’t new among kinds between the age of 2 to 6. During these years, kids tend to get ideas while also failing to distinguish between true and false. It isn’t a sin since they are still trying to learn how to distinguish between the rights and wrongs. It’s up to you to observe your kids’ behavioural patterns and understand how to train them towards complete honesty but this isn’t that easy, is it?

In this article, Happy Cubs lists some of the reasons why kids in this age group tend to lie. Work around these aspects and you’re sure to find success with training your kids to be truthful:

  1. Attention: Kids who love to tell stories about what they didn’t do to adults and fellow tots choose to do so since they enjoy being the center of attention and love to have an audience.
  2. Playfulness: When your kids mix truth with fiction, it’s to derive a sense of playful entertainment. The reactions that these actions elicit from those listening gives them their much-needed mischievous satisfaction.
  3. Lack of understanding: As mentioned earlier, tots at this tender age fail to understand the differences between truth and fiction. In the process, they end up mixing both and what appears to be a lie is just a simple mistake to be expected from them. This tendency fades away as they grow up.
  4. Memory issues: Your little ones have a short memory span at their age and sometimes they find it hard to remember certain facts. What eventually comes out, is a lie, since they find it hard to restrain their boisterous selves.
  5. Bailout ticket: Kids at this age resort to lying when they feel that they can get out of dodge in situations. These situations can be at home or even school. The fear of the stick/slap is high among kids at this age and they choose to lie to bail themselves out.

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