Extreme emotions amongst your tiny tots can cause problems if not treated the right way. Staying silent during their outbursts and tantrums reflects helplessness while suppressing their fits can scar them for life. So, how would you go about handling their emotional issues? Here’s a list of ways to go about it:

  1. Treat it as something ‘normal’: Trouble starts when you treat those hard emotions of your little ones as something out of the ordinary. Pretend things are normal while constantly keeping an eye out. It truly helps.
  2. Set certain limits: Hating something doesn’t mean he/she can break it. It’s that simple. Kids at this tender age aren’t good at keeping an eye on the line and that’s your job.
  3. Set limits for yourself: Patience is a virtue in parenting and it doesn’t come by default. The temptation to act and react can reach fever pitch, particularly when it comes to handling your little ones, but the best choice is to stop and count to 4. This ensures that you avoid doing something which you might regret later.
  4. Avoid jumping to conclusions: In the event of an outburst, it’s better not to label your child’s attitude or behaviour. This is because it can create negative impact on your kids and you end up setting a bad example as a parent.
  5. Avoid being bulldozed by your feelings: Picking up from the previous point, it’s better to immerse yourself in silence whilst all that pandemonium rather than doing something to just keep the noise out. This is because when you wrap your head around the issue, you begin to constructively create a solution.
  6. Avoid being affected by their emotions: Kids at this age being a handful isn’t something new, so you should avoid getting personally affected by their anger or frustrations. Moreover, at their age, they tend to go all over the place when it comes to letting loose. Hence, the best option for you is to just treat their outbursts as stand-alone incidents.

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