Holidays are always a lively and equally energetic affair! They are what your family is always pining for. A great vacation or a series of joyous occasions always act as much-needed breaks but can sometimes cause your tiny tots to wear themselves out. Surprising, but true. The reasons can be aplenty but there is a list of reasons which are consistent with cases of fatigue among pre-schoolers during vacations and special occasions. Here are some of the ones you, as a parent, need to note:

  1. Maintain consistency with meal and bed times. At their tender age, it’s hard to be flexible with timings.
  2. Indulge yourself in reading a story or two for making them sleep. It ensures that everything is ordinary and nothing strange has happened to their routine.
  3. Take them out on a jolly walk in serene surroundings. This will help them cool off with ease.
  4. Cut them some slack. While meal and bad times need to be the same, the other things which they are expected to do can take a hike even if it’s for a few days.
  5. When out for shopping, avoid taking them on day-long shopping escapes. This might have you hooked, but it gets them tired.
  6. Educate them about occasions or places they are being taken to. This helps them understand what they can expect during the vacation/timeout.
  7. Buy them that gift they’re waiting for. This will help them get into that joyous groove you’re keen to see. Plus, your tiny tots at their age would love to have they what they really want particularly during vacations and special occasions.

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