Kids at this tender age can’t understand the difference between right or wrong. Can’t blame it on them because that’s just the way it is. So how would you expect your child to understand the value of money? You can’t drill it into them and you just can’t force it down their throats. There’s a way to go about it. In this article, Happy Cubs presents some of the ways you can make your little ones understand the value of money.

  1. Make the piggy bank move: Inserting coins into a piggy bank isn’t just fun for kids but makes them understand how important each of those pennies is.
  2. Explain that it isn’t free-flowing: Kids seeing you buy things in a trice might trick them into understand that earning is easy so it’s important to make them understand that money doesn’t grow on a tree.
  3. Show them the importance of earning: Picking up from the last point, hand out chores for your little ones completing which they receive their share of pocket money. This will make them understand that it all wasn’t for free.
  4. Train them in the art of saving: Little drops make a large ocean. It’s completely true. That one coin every day can be painstaking but you need to show them how much dough they’ve pooled up at the end of the month. The size of those savings is sure to make them understand the importance of saving.
  5. See to that they don’t overspend: The temptation for kids to get themselves a bag of goodies with all those juicy savings is well known. Show them what happens when they overspend and make them understand that over-spending can blow out all of those precious savings.

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