Kids under the preschool age bracket make a list of accomplishments by time they are 4 or 5 years old. Walking, talking, reciting rhymes etc. are those achievements which every parent strives for. But these achievements vary between kids under this age bracket. Some might walk sooner than the others, some might learn to talk quicker than the others. In times like these parents need to understand that it’s not the child’s fault and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

In this article, Happy Cubs lists a set of aspects which define the pace and timing of all these accomplishments:

  • Insecurity: Kids at this age are heavily influenced by the environment they are in. When their surroundings are filled with trouble, they tend to react differently and this influences their achievements.
  • Activity: Activities are what the kids at this age need to build themselves at the physical and social levels. The requisite activity levels vary between different types of kids. When kids don’t get the level of activity they need, it affects the rate at which they grow and achieve.
  • Psychology: Kids under this age bracket have different ways of getting through situations. Some keep calm and gently assess the problem at hand, some just decide wade through, and some decide to play around a little and see if a certain trick works. These different ways of solving problems indirectly affect your child’s progress as a toddler.
  • Parental methods: Last but not the least. Your child’s progress and rate of achievement is also heavily predicated on the kind of methods you employ. This is because kids at this age need tons of hand-holding and the methods you use tend to play the role of the catalyst effectively.

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